Our CRM Tools Deliver Smarter Searches and Cleaner Data

We build CRM tools that help users work more efficiently and effectively. If your CRM doesn’t work as expected, your adoption rates may be suffering. We help customers who use Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle Engagement Cloud (formerly Sales Cloud), Oracle Service Cloud, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

CRM users often don’t have the resources they need for better searching and maintaining data quality. With tools from ActivePrime, users can enjoy greater productivity. We’re evolving CRM tools for your needs.


How We Revolutionize CRM Searching

With search, we discovered there were gaps in CRM capabilities. Either the internal search wasn’t reliable, or there was no way to find information outside the CRM without costly and troublesome integrations. To remove the burden of integrations but still offer a more robust search, our products are embedded directly into the CRM. There’s nothing to download or maintain. It sits right within the CRM. And makes your life easier.

How We Clean Up Dirty Data

Duplicates are like a virus that takes over your CRM, making you data less accurate or reliable. Unfortunately, many CRMs don’t give you the ability to confidently dedupe by batch. Our tools do, based on the parameters you set. Additional tools are available for CRM data quality, which block duplicates on import or entering, so your data stays clean and uninfected.

Accelerating CRM User Adoption

We work with companies all over the globe in a variety of industries. Any company that has CRM search challenges or data quality issues will appreciate the solutions we offer. It’s our goal to make your CRM more user friendly so your users actually want to use it. The fact is your adoption rate is decreasing the value of your CRM. Less than 40% of companies have a CRM adoption rate over 90%. With the right tools, you’ll be able to increase adoption and reap a better return on investment.


See How Our Tools Work

We invite you to schedule a demo of our solutions, so you can see them in action. You can also sign-up for a free trial to experience these tools in your CRM.