GDPR and HIPAA Compliance for CRMs

Because our customers demand such high security protocols, that’s how we build our tools. We understand the grave importance of being able to comply with GDPR, and our tools deliver.

With flexible deployment, you can choose cloud, private server, or a hybrid approach, managing all data residing within your firewall.


CRM HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare CRMs must meet HIPAA compliance. HIPAA governs the privacy and security of patient data and the access of it must relate to a permissible use. HIPAA Title II defines the regulation related to policies, guidelines and procedures for maintaining the security of patient data. You’ll have to follow these if your CRM contains protected health information (PHI). ActivePrime tools won’t impact the security of your CRM and work within the confines of the law.


CRM GDPR Compliance

GDPR, the European Union’s newest data privacy regulation, applies to any organization that may have EU citizens in its databases. With GDPR, citizens have a “Right to Erasure,” which means every record of their contact information must be deleted from your systems. To ensure GDPR compliance, use ActivePrime Power Search. In one search, you’ll be able to find all possible records across the enterprise and quickly delete them. Fuzzy matching is critical here, as it’s not always easy to identify Bob vs. Robert.

GDPR and HIPAA Compliance for CRMs

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