Customized, Customer-Driven CRM Solutions

No one uses a CRM the same way, so solutions for searching and cleaner data shouldn’t be cookie cutter. At ActivePrime, our expansive knowledge of the CRMs you rely on, allows us to customize tools to best fit your specific needs.


How We Customize Tools

We begin the process with deep knowledge of how a CRM works. This is based on years of our engineers working in these platforms. With this insight, we are able to mold our flexible solutions into it. Because our tools sit on top of your CRM, there are no complex integrations.

Real-World CRM Challenges Solved

Read these use cases to see how our tools increase efficiency and improve data quality.


A 360 - View

A client requested a 360-degree view for their sales team that could pull data into the CRM from other systems. We configured access to Siebel On Premise (SOP) through ActivePrime Power Search. The custom configuration is also able to add more than one source.

Moving and Archiving Data

When you move from one CRM to another, there are a lot of considerations, especially the extraction of data. We build, manage, and host integration code that makes this migration possible. Instead of deleting old files, we create searchable archives to retain all records.


Accuracy Assured

Most business don’t have full confidence that their CRM is accurate. Often the problem is that multiple users are entering contacts and not checking for duplicates. Duplication leads to inaccuracy, which impacts campaign success and legal compliance. We’ve had countless companies come to us with this challenge.

CleanEnter has been the choice for many CRM users to meet compliance concerns because it prohibits duplicates at entry.

Data Enriched

Sometimes the data you need isn’t in your CRM. That usually means logging into another system then copying and pasting or sorting through the data. Many organizations have this struggle every day. So, we developed ActivePrime Power Search to do the heavy lifting. With this tool, users stay inside the CRM but can pull information from other systems. ActivePrime Power Search lets you leave data where it lies and take action directly from the search window.

Other Customizable Features

Be confident in the accuracy, completeness, and accessibility of your data with our tools. We understand that every user group is different, so we do things like:

  • Enabling SSO login and user management of all products within the CRM

  • Adapting search to handle special data formatting (e.g. service request data 0000001004)

  • Enforcing account record creation from third-party sources to ensure quality and standardization of formatting

Ready to turn your challenges into solutions? It’s time to get in touch with ActivePrime.