AAAI Conference Presents Award to ActivePrime’s CTO, Clint Bidlack

Pasadena, CA – July 16, 2009 – At the Annual Conference held this week in Pasadena, CA, The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence presented an award to Clint Bidlack, CTO of ActivePrime for Innovative Applications of AI.  This award acknowledges the work done to address the challenge of how to perform matching on large volumes of data, very quickly.  The need for this kind of agility is in response to the current, rapid advances in enterprise web-based software, specifically the fast growing Software as a Service (SaaS) model which has created a need for new, sophisticated yet user-friendly data quality solutions.   One of the most widely adopted SaaS applications is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and data quality has become the number one issue that limits return on investment for these applications. As the volume of data swells, the pain experienced from poor quality data grows more acute.  Data quality has been an ongoing issue in the IT industry for the past 30 years, fueling the growth of the data quality segment to $1B in 2008.  Experian estimates that companies are losing 6% of sales due to poor management of customer data (QAS 2006).   Over the past several years, experience shows that the numbers of duplicate records in corporate CRM systems range from 10% to a staggering 70%.  Additionally, it is common for at least 50% of CRM records to contain faulty data, for instance, misspelled customer names or addresses. Through strategic and thoughtful use of Artificial Intelligence methodologies, these data issues can be mitigated.   As acknowledged by this award, the real challenge in the new era of SaaS and online deployment is to not only design data quality solutions that do the job, but due to the nature of on-line applications, the response time must be finely tuned.

Additional information about the author, Clint Bidlack

  • Paper: Exceptional Data Quality using Intelligent Matching and Retrieval with Michael P. Wellman, AAAI, 2010

  • Paper: Enabling Data Quality with Lightweight Ontologies, AAAI, 2009

About ActivePrime

ActivePrime has a heritage of almost 20 years in researching and fine tuning Artificial Intelligence to bring smarter searches and cleaner data to CRM users.  This enhances efficiency for all customer facing teams as duplicate data or inexact search matches can take the equivalent of one day per month away from selling time, which negatively impacts revenue streams. The key to the success and efficiency of the ActivePrime Clean Data Suite is having balanced a complete fuzzy data search with the speed that is required to return a search using today’s SaaS and online models. Additional benefits from the ActivePrime Clean Data Suite include standardization of Fortune 1000 company names as well as addresses within the US.   The search algorithms find nicknames and alternatives of names such as “Cathy” or “Kathi”, “Johnson” or “Johnstone”, “MacDuff” or “McDuff” and “1st” or “First”.


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