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Kingwood, TX Industry: Professional Services Annual Revenue: US$1.7 billion Employees: 103,000 Oracle Products & Services: Oracle CRM On Demand

Oracle Partner: ActivePrime,

Oracle CRM On Demand, in conjunction with ActivePrime’s CleanEnter solution, has enabled Administaff to minimize duplicate customer data, streamline the sales process, improve pipeline visibility, and greatly improve sales efficiencies.– Sam Sanderson, Manager Sales Automation and Analytics, Administaff

Administaff Enhances Sales Pipeline Visibility and Minimizes Duplicate Records for Greater Efficiencies

Administaff is a professional employer organization, serving as a full-service human resources department that provides small and midsize businesses with administrative relief, big-company benefits, reduced liabilities, and a systematic way to improve productivity.


  • Implement a robust customer relationship management (CRM) tool that mirrors the company’s sales process for specialized human resources (HR) services

  • Improve pipeline management capabilities to better forecast HR service sales

  • Reduce the number of duplicate customer and prospect records in CRM system


  • Implemented Oracle CRM On Demand to improve visibility into the sales pipeline for more than 500 users in Administaff’s 50 sales offices

  • Provided management with easy access to up-to-date sales information helping to enhance decision-making processes

  • Leveraged Oracle CRM On Demand’s hosted model to minimize the need for internal IT application support

  • Worked with Oracle Partner ActivePrime to implement its CleanEnter product, providing real-time duplicate detection when users input new data into Oracle CRM On Demand

  • Decreased the number of duplicate records in the system and reduced requests into IT to merge records in the system—greatly improving efficiency

  • Reduced time spent searching the system for matching records when entering new client or prospect data—enabling sales consultants to spend more time selling and preventing them from calling on the same prospects

  • Provided ‘fuzzy search capabilities,’ eliminating the need for users to enter an ‘exact match’ when searching to determine if a client record already existed in the system

  • Improved sales force efficiencies by mirroring Administaff’s unique sales process for HR services

  • Enabled Administaff’s marketing team to track the success of various campaigns

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