Unicode & Foreign Character Handling


Pesky unicode characters. Let’s say you have a Françoise Allègre in your system. Now let’s say you need to call her, so you type “Francoise” into the Action Bar search. Because of the tiny accent at the bottom of the “c”, your CRM On Demand may not find your record. Unfortunately, you’ll end up creating a duplicate.

CRM On Demand’s handling of unicode characters has improved significantly over the past few releases. For instance, you can at least save records with unicode characters in them, and even import and export them while holding on to your special characters. But the exact-matching only feature of the search algorithm leaves no way to find records without using the special characters in the search fields. That’s a waste of time.

How do unicode characters enter Oracle CRM On Demand?

In an increasingly globalized technology market, we have loads of foreign clients whose names and companies have special characters in them. Typically, to enter new contacts, we often just copy and paste their names and email addresses into CRM On Demand, special characters and all, then save. Importing lead lists, adding data from international trade shows, or having Web2Lead forms on your website can all generate records with unicode characters.

The effects of mis-handling unicode characters are clear. You don’t find your records when you search for them. You create dupes. Logged activities get split between different records with and without the unicode characters, and you waste time sifting through them to find the notes from your call last month.

How can you handle unicode characters in CRM On Demand?

CRM On Demand handles unicode characters just fine, until you need to search. Searching for “Francoise” won’t find “Françoise.” Maybe you realize you’ll need to search for “Françoise” in which case, CRM On Demand finds your record... but what if you actually created the first contact as “Francoise”? You could try both search times to find the records separately, but you’re wasting precious seconds from your day. You could also change the way you search by making your terms more general. Searching for “Fran” would find both “Francoise” and “Françoise”. This is great, unless you have a whole bunch of other  “Fran” “Frank” “Francis” “Francesca” contacts in your system too, and you need to sift through them all.

A more ideal solution would be better search algorithms. ActivePrime Search is a widget that is embedded directly in your action bar, and replaces the native Oracle search. ActivePrime uses applied artificial intelligence in their matching logic, including finding unicode characters through fuzzy matching with standard characters, to quickly find your records. Search for “Francoise” to find both “Françoise” and “Francoise.” Search for “strasen” to find “Straßen GmbH” “Strassen GMBH” and “Strasen.”

ActivePrime’s CleanEnter and CleanCRM both use the same powerful fuzzy match technology to handle unicode and foreign characters. Eliminate dupes before you create them, and also find and resolve dupes after they’re already in the system. If you have foreign clients, you need these products. Get a free trial today!