Mass Cleanup of Opportunities in CRM On Demand


Sometimes you need to clean out your old Opportunities. These can be opportunities that are Closed (Won or Lost), or simply have had no activity in months (or years!).

You can use the Batch Delete tool to delete lists of Opportunities, but Oracle does not allow you to delete opportunities with ‘Closed/Won’ Sales Stage (either individually or in bulk).

How do you delete Closed/Won Opportunities?

You need to change the Sales Stage of the Closed/Won Opportunities, then delete the record. If you’re only looking to delete one or two records, this is easy to do from the Opportunity Detail Page.

If you’re looking to delete a large amount of records, you’ll need to do a mass update to change the Sales Stage field.

  1. Go to the Opportunities page. Next to the Lists section, click New to create a new list.

  2. Set your list criteria, including and record sets, case sensitivity, and filters. Make sure this list encompasses as many records as you want to delete.

  3. Click Run to generate the list.

  4. On the record list page, click the Menu button, then select Mass Update. Click OK.

  5. Select all the records you would like to update, and click Next.

  6. Update the Opportunity Field “Sales Stage” to any other value (I like to use Closed/Lost).

  7. Click Finish.

After the Sales Stage values have been updated, you can return to the list and perform a Batch Delete.

In Step 2, it’s imperative that you don’t use the Sales Stage = Closed/Won as a filter, since you’ll be changing this value! A handy tip could be to create a new checkbox field “Mark for Deletion,” to determine which records need to be deleted, and use this as your filter.

As always, you should back up your data by exporting the list of records before deleting them, since Batch Deleted items do not appear in the Deleted Items page in Oracle CRM On Demand.