Mass Deleting Records in CRM On Demand

Sometimes you’re cleaning out your old records, and need to mass delete your records. Or you botched an import, and need to get rid of the erroneous new records before starting fresh. It’s simple enough to delete records one by one, but that’s time consuming and cumbersome if you need to get rid of more than 5 records. I’ll admit, the way to mass delete records in CRM On Demand is not quite intuitive, but certainly doable!

How do you mass delete records in CRM On Demand?

It turns out that records lists in CRM On Demand have a Batch Delete option to delete all the records in the list. Note: you must have Batch Delete privileges in order to perform the procedures.


  1. Choose an entity of records to delete, and navigate to that tab. Next to the Lists section, click New to create a new list.

  2. Set your list criteria, including and record sets, case sensitivity, and filters. Make sure this list encompasses as many records as you want to delete. For instance, use a create date filter to remove the botched imports you just added 10 minutes ago.

  3. Click Run to generate the list.

  4. On the record list page, click the Menu button, then select Batch Delete. Click OK.

  5. You will be taken to the Batch Delete Queue page. Note that Batch delete requests are processed in two steps:

    • The request is queued and loaded.

    • When the request has been loaded, you must click the proceed link next to the request to complete the transaction.

 Your batch delete request will show up in the Active Requests queue. If there’s nothing else in the queue, I refresh the page immediately, and the request has been loaded. Click the Proceed link next to the request, then click OK to delete your records.

It is advised to export your list of records as a backup before performing the Batch Delete, since Batch Deleted items do not appear in the Deleted Items page in Oracle CRM On Demand.

How can you give your users batch delete privileges?

Users must have Batch Delete privileges to perform Batch Deletes. All system admins have this permission, but sometimes you might want to give your sales rep the option to delete lists of records himself.

  1. Navigate to your Admin page (link in the upper right corner of CRM On Demand)

  2. Click User Management and Access Controls

  3. Click Role Management

  4. Click Edit next to the role for which you would like to enable Batch Delete Privileges.

  5. Click on the box for Step 4: Priveleges

  6. Hit Ctrl+F on your keyboard and search for “Batch Delete.” Once you find this privilege, check it off.

  7. Click Finish at the bottom of the page to save these changes.

To remove Batch Delete privileges, follow the same procedures but uncheck the privilege in Step 6.

Additional Resources

For more help, see CRM On Demand's help for deleting records.