Would Your Customers be Excited to Have Their Inboxes Filled by Duplicate Emails?

The Data Quality Issue:

Hi, I’m David Smith, a new customer of yours. I just spent close to $10,000 to acquire your top-of-the-line gizmo. And, I was welcomed to your customer family with no less than six emails; all with different salutations. Let’s see, I was Dave Smith; David Smith; Davey Smith; Dave Smythe; David Smythe; and Davide Smythe. They obviously all had the same email address, so who was the brain surgeon that entered this information 6 times? I tell ya, I feel more like a closed deal than a member of your ‘family’.

The Solution to the Issue:

The immediate solution to the issue is to throw some upgrades and give-a-ways to David Smith to make sure he doesn’t bad-mouth us! That could cost the company up to 10% of the sale.

The next step to the solution is to clean up CRM On Demand! I’ll use CleanCRM to scan for duplicate records. Maybe I’ll match on email address or some combination of city, state, last name. Thankfully, CleanCRM is so flexible that I can dink around with the settings and find what works best for our situation.

Now, I’ll need to go over protocol for new record creation with sales, and make sure they are using CleanEnter. CleanEnter could have caught all these duplicates right at the point of entry. It’s integrated right into CRM On Demand and the results are real-time.

Benefits to the Solution:

So much time could have been saved and so many headaches could have been avoided using ActivePrime solutions. We could have avoided embarrassment, never upset the customer and started off on the right foot.