What is Data Quality?

Data Quality refers to the fitness of your data to serve your company's needs. Regarding the data in your CRM system, this could mean the number of duplicate records you have, accuracy of the data, completeness, relevance to your sales or marketing goals.  With increasing globalization, volume of data being processed, and the interconnectivity of corporate data, high quality data in your CRM system is becoming essential for accurate reporting, efficient sales and marketing outreach, and saving time.

What kind of data is "dirty data"?

Dirty data is everywhere. It manifests itself in many ways:

How does dirty data get into my CRM?

There are many ways dirty data can enter your CRM system. Here are a few:

  • Deployment of a new CRM system or any sales or marketing automation system

  • The addition, removal or update of information by employees

  • Area codes and zip code changes

  • Non-standardized formats

  • Executive mandate for more accurate reporting

  • A merger or acquisition

  • New leads generated from a trade show or other event

  • Import of demographic and psychographic information

Why should I clean up my dirty data?

Cleaning your data is valuable to every person at your company. Clean data allows your sales reps to operate more efficiently, while simultaneously allowing the management to make decisions based on accurate data. Data cleansing technology automates archaic forms of manual data cleansing and frees up time and resources for other projects. Investment and implementation of data quality tools supports organizational goals of increased productivity and minimized costs.

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