Inaccurate Contact Information in your CRM

Inaccurate contact information is a crippling problem for data stored in your CRM. No matter how the wrong info makes its way into the CRM, it tends to just stay there. Say you call a new lead and figure it it's a wrong number when you can't connect, or someone else answers the phone. Not only have you wasted your time, but you also have a dead lead in your hands. You could try to look up the right phone number (but where would you get that data?), delete the record, or leave it alone.

Where does inaccurate contact info come from?

Inaccurate contact info has a myriad sources.

Often, prospects leave signup forms incomplete when they enter information at tradeshows or on your website.

Data entry by sales, leads, or marketing teams could have simple user typos.

Purchased lists of leads are fraught with inaccurate data – and the import process into CRM On Demand can generate more errors with mis-mapped fields, transplanted cells, and data that doesn’t fit the field type requirements.

What are the consequences of inaccurate data?

Inaccurate data happens. Some consequences include:

  • Waste time trying to touch base with new leads using bad contact info.

  • Lose revenue while you skip potential leads because you can't get ahold of them.

  • Damage your company's credibility by failing to follow up with trade show prospects.

How can inaccurate data be prevented or fixed?

To prevent inaccurate contact info from entering CRM On Demand, you’d need to look up and verify all of the data before saving any new records. That's almost impossible to do manually! Can you imagine your sales rep scouring through his list of 300 new leads, and googling every single one to find their phone number and address?

You could ask your Sales Reps or Marketing Team to set aside a few hours to manually correct any wrong numbers or addresses. Perhaps they can log dead calls, and ask them to find the correct info instead of deleting the record. But this wastes time during which they could be selling.

Some new apps for your CRM might offer methods to validate your Contact and Lead information upon entry. These tools would would need to connect to a data verification service, validate your information against the database, and bubble up a result. If the tools were smart enough, they might even be able to fix some errors!

What are ActivePrime’s solutions?

ActivePrime's solution to inaccurate data is CleanVerify™, a hosted tool integrated directly into Oracle CRM On Demand  to verify phone numbers, emails, and address data using StrikeIron. Learn more about CleanVerify.