How Can I Accurately Cleanup Some Addresses in CRM On Demand for a Mailed Invite?

The Data Quality Issue: My boss asked me to generate a list of all our CRM On Demand Contacts in the Metro DC area for a Meet-and-Greet event. I needed to send out a formal invitation using their address data in CRM On Demand. When I pulled the list to print off the mailing labels I was horrified at the inconsistencies used for street designations and city names! Plus, those inconsistencies were not up to USPS standards and I would risk some being returned to sender. For example I have one contact at “33 W End St”, another at “33 west End street” and another at “33 End St. west”; one contact in “Sliver Spring” and quite a few more in “Silver Springs” (which city name is correct?). Also, I have one with the city listed as Washington DC and the state as VA! I could go on, but you get the point. The Solution to the Issue:

I knew that I could easily fix this problem by validating their addresses with CleanVerify. CleanVerify validates addresses, phone numbers and email addresses right within CRM On Demand. There is a simple visual when I am editing a record, that indicates which fields I can validate. I simply click the verify button next to the field and an immediate response is returned; my address is fixed, standardized and formated for USPS mailings.

Benefits to the Solution:

My mailing was a success with a high response rate. I was confident that all my Contacts received their invitation because of CleanVerify. When I pass along these Contacts to the Sales Team I know there will be little frustration when they start to reach out using the CleanVerify validated information.