How Does Poor Data in CRM On Demand Impact my Targeted Marketing Campaign?

The Data Quality Issue: I have a campaign budget of $20,000 for a fantastic glossy mailer. That budget needs to cover the cost of printing my new brochure and mailing it out First Class USPS. The number of Leads in my CRM On Demand is 5,800. So if I do a quick estimation of cost for the flyer of $2.25 each, and postage of $.85, plus another $.65 for the envelope, label and letter, that comes to over $21,750. Yikes! That’s $1,750 over budget!

This is crazy; Where did I go wrong with my campaign planning? I quickly scan some of the Leads and I notice that someone must have imported our recent trade show list twice. I can’t send double mailers to these hot leads.What a mess, how am I going to clean CRM On Demand up in time to meet the deadline for the printer?

The Solution to the Issue:

The most obvious solution is to delete the duplicates, but I can see that notes and history have been added to some matching Leads. If I delete one then I’ll lose those notes and history. There is an integrated CRM On Demand solution called CleanCRM that can quickly find the duplicates and merge them. I can create a list of all Leads with the trade show as their Lead Source, and then use CleanCRM to match on first name, last name, city and state for example. CleanCRM will merge the related information in CRM On Demand and delete out the duplicate Lead, leaving me with a clean list that I can send to the printer by the deadline.

Benefits to a Clean CRM:

Although some periodic cleaning of CRM On Demand is necessary, this quick fix will ensure that future marketing projects, campaigns and events will be budgeted correctly and make a positive impression on the Lead.