Infinite Search Possibilities: CleanEnter and ActivePrime Search Are Now Available for Any Object

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This is one of those revolutionary changes that seems small, but will have a huge impact on your daily activities. ActivePrime has added the option of searching on any object, even custom ones, to both CleanEnter and ActivePrime Search. Easily configurable in your setup, you can now search on Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, Service Requests, etc. etc. You name it, you can search on it. Plus you can do a CRM search on any field and expect fast results without timeouts.

CleanEnter, our real-time duplicate prevention, now dupe-checks any record type such as Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, Leads or Custom Objects in upon record creation and lead conversion. CleanEnter checks for a potential match BEFORE the user creates any record type such as Accounts, Opportunities, Service Requests or Contacts; or converts a Lead. Instant gratification, due to ready-to-go search indices, is achieved with CleanEnter when a list of potential matches is returned. The user can opt to use a match or create the record they initially had planned Check once with CleanEnter and be confident your record is unique.

And now, better than ever, ActivePrime Search™ helps you find results within any record type in your CRM. ActivePrime Search uses advanced fuzzy matching to find difficult Account Name spellings, Opportunity misspellings, phonetic variations in Lead Names, Contact nicknames and even international characters in your Custom Objects. Now your users will know if they search the CRM for Lead Chris Smith they can find Christina Smythe. Or if they search for IBM they will find International Business Machines. No more guesswork. No more mistakes due to human error. And no more timeouts to your searches as all fields used for searching are indexed and at the ready.

If you have any questions on how to use these new features, please log a support request with us. We’ll be happy to walk you through the changes.

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