ActivePrime at Emerson CRM Center of Excellence


ActivePrime customer Emerson (NYSE:EMR) is a diversified global manufacturing and technology company, widely recognized for its engineering capabilities and management. As a longstanding Oracle CRM On Demand user, with high adoption rates in the technology and sales departments, Emerson’s up-to-date, accurate data is essential to drive revenue and ensure the best business decisions. During a recent meeting at the Emerson Center of Excellence, which shares best practices among product engineering and software design professionals from around the world, ActivePrime was invited to present how our solutions are used across Emerson business platforms.

CleanCRM and CleanImport automatically batch clean duplicates on a scheduled basis and further ensure that new data does not duplicate information in existing records.

This opportunity to share how ActivePrime solutions contribute to the effective use of Oracle CRM On Demand for 10,000 Emerson users worldwide is a ringing endorsement for CleanCRM and CleanImport. We are pleased to showcase how ActivePrime solutions help Emerson achieve excellence in their CRM.


Thank you!

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