Oracle CRM On Demand Release 27 Analytics


This is the third of a series of four articles that will explain the enhancements to Oracle CRM On Demand in Release 27 (R27). This article’s focus is on the updates to CRM Analytics:

  1. Report Execution API

  2. Historical Analytics for Book/User Sub-Items

  3. Real-time Analytics of Order Data

  4. Historical and real-time Analytics of Quotes Data

  5. Opportunity Team Enhancements

  6. Opportunity Revenue Enhancements

  7. Real-time Event Data

If you need further information, please access the online documentation within My Oracle Support/Oracle CRM On Demand Knowledge Center. A complete video of the joint presentation can be found on the ActivePrime YouTube channel.

Report Execution API

Allows administrators to submit an API call to run and retrieve a report. Call any shared folder the Web Services user has access to.



Companies have requested the ability to submit a report execution offline and retrieve the generated report. The report execution service feature in R27 allows you to do that. Users can now make a call for report execution without logging into CRM On Demand. The report is retrieved using a range of supported delivery formats such as PDF, XLS, TXT, CSV, or MHTML. Users use this report execution service to make a call, to any company shared folder a user has access to, to CRM On Demand. Using this API, users are able to retrieve a report and write an application that will distribute the report via any channel required, such as email.

Historical Analytics for Book/User Sub-Items

Users can choose to include or exclude the sub-items of selected books or users in reports.

The checkbox for ‘Include Sub-Items” in the Book/User selector popup is now active. Users can opt to include or exclude sub-items in historical reports. This feature will allow users to create a single report and expand the details as necessary, rather than multiple reports.

Real-time Analytics of Order Data

Users can now report on Order data and metrics in real time.

The Orders record type is now available for real-time reporting and is linked to Account, Contact, Date, Opportunity, Owned by User and Product.

Historical and Real-time Analytics of Quotes Data

Users can now report on Quotes data in real-time and historical analytics.

The Quotes record type is available for analytics and is linked to Account, Date, Opportunity, and Owned by User plus metrics.

Opportunity Team Enhancements

Historical subject area for Opportunity Team analysis. Accounts analysis capability in Opportunity Team real-time and historical subject areas.

A new historical subject area ‘Opportunity Team History’ has been added with the Opportunity:Team many to many relationship as the driver. Additionally, the Account dimension has been added to Opportunity Accounts for real-time and historical Opportunity Team subject areas.

Opportunity Revenue Enhancements

Primary Contact added to Opportunity Product Revenue.

Available in both real-time and historical subject area, adding the Primary Contact allows for more detailed revenue analysis segmented by the key decision maker for your opportunities.

Real-time Event Data

A matching Event subject area in real-time, as in historical, has been added.

The Events record type is now available for real-time reporting and is linked to Date, Event, Event Metrics, Invitees, Owned by User, Product and Product Category.

For more details, including a detailed review of the API parameters, please review the Analytics Enhancements TOI (available on My Oracle Support, login required, Doc ID 1930481.1).

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