Oracle CRM On Demand Release 27 User Interface

This is the second of a series of four articles that will explain the enhancements to Oracle CRM On Demand in Release 27 (R27). This article’s focus is on updates to the CRM User Interface (UI). In this article we cover:


  1. Exposing Additional Fields in Address Templates

  2. Interactive Image Fields

  3. Displaying Additional Icons in the Global Header for Modern Themes

  4. Concatenated Fields

  5. Modernized Calendar

  6. Maps and Proximity Search for Account & Contact.

If you need further information, please access the online documentation within My Oracle Support/Oracle CRM On Demand Knowledge Center. We would like to thank Jeff Lumsden and Oracle for allowing us to summarize his explanation of R27 here. A complete video of the joint presentation can be found on the ActivePrime YouTube channel.

User Interface (UI) Enhancements

Oracle has continued to improve its UI, and has many more features in mind for upcoming releases. They’ve expanded the address fields to capture more detail; added an interactive image field concept that allows you to show data graphically; and expanded the Global Header to allow for custom icons to be added, making navigation even easier. Concatenated fields have also been added; this feature lets you merge multiple fields into one, saving space on the detail page all while supporting inline edit and required fields. The calendar in this release has been refreshed, and in Release 28 you’ll see more enhancements to the calendar with improved navigation and recurring appointments. Finally, Oracle added Maps, not just the ability to view a map location of a Contact or Account, but also proximity searching so you can more effectively plan your trip when visiting customers.


Exposing Additional Fields in Address Templates

To improve the effectiveness of the addresses that can be captured in CRM On Demand, Oracle has added the following fields in the address template for the following countries.

These fields are automatically added to the existing address templates, so no Administrative action is required to expose them.

Interactive Image Fields

Improve usability of CRM On Demand by displaying an image to represent a value.


To improve usability of CRM On Demand, certain field values can be better represented as an interactive image rather than the value.

There are three of each type of Interactive Image Fields available on the Account, Activity, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, and Solution objects.

They are stored as integers in the database, allowing for statistical analytics, sorting and filtering by number. These fields support Web services, Field Management, Export, Import and Search functionality.

Displaying Additional Icons in the Global Header

In Release 26, Oracle included a Global Header that provided easy access to the Create and Search Applets.


In R27, Oracle extended the functionality of the Global Header to provide access to even more applets and icons, maximizing the real estate used with the Global Header; up to seven Action Bar Applets can be associated with a Global Header for quick access by users.


Concatenated Fields

Display several fields as a single field.


Concatenated Field is a new custom field type available in Release 27.

It is available for all record types with web links support including Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Custom Objects.

Concatenated fields can be created out of Text (Long), Text (Short), Integer, Number, Percent and Currency field types, and respect all field validation, required, read-only and default values. The underlying data is still in it’s original fields, meaning that sorting, filtering, lists and reports will still work as you’d expect. Additionally, you are able to add your own text to the concatenated field to add clarity as needed.

The Concatenated Field can be displayed on the Record Type detail page, Record Type edit page, list and related information applet by adding the field to the appropriate layouts.

Modernize Calendar

Improve look and feel of the CRM On Demand Calendar.

In Release 27 Oracle has improved the look and feel of the Calendar so that it looks more modern and up-to-date. Additionally, Oracle has also enhanced the Calendar with the introduction of features to improve the Calendar’s functionality, such as tooltips to view the subject of the meeting, more space in the hour view so you can see more appointment information, improved navigation with icons for Day, Week or Month View and multi-day events that show up in a separate section of the Calendar with arrows that indicate the start and end date. Future releases are planned to have more calendar enhancements including color coding, click-to-create and recurring appointments.

Proximity Search Using Maps

Find an Address, Proximity Center-based search, Search based on Lists/PDQ defined in CRM On Demand, Supported record types: Account and Contact.

In Release 27, Oracle introduced a Maps page to CRM On Demand. You can find an address on a map or perform a proximity search to find addresses on records in CRM On Demand that are located within a specified radius of your current location or a location of your choice.

In a proximity search, CRM On Demand checks the addresses that are stored on records of a given record type to determine if the addresses are within the radius that you specify for the search. If CRM On Demand finds an address that is within the radius of the search, then a pin is placed on the map to indicate the address location.


The maps provider used is Oracle Maps and the proximity search functionality is currently available on the Account and Contact record types.

For more detail on all the usability enhancements covered, please review the User Interface Enhancements TOI (available on My Oracle Support, login required).

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