How Many Duplicates Do I Have In My Oracle CRM on Demand System?

So, you suspect you have duplicates in your Oracle CRM on Demand system. But just how many do you think you have? The answer is important.

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Duplicates are more than just a pain to deal with when it comes to searching for a name. They can cost you money. They can waste your time. They can give you a false sense of security when projecting your sales.

So how do you determine how many duplicates you have? More importantly, how do you get rid of them?

You could go through your records manually one by one, or try and craft a system report using the filters provided. But those methods are time consuming, inaccurate and frankly, not worth your energy. Why? They don’t make use of fuzzy logic, which means that you may not catch “Stephen Brenen at Anheyser Bush” as a potential duplicate for “Steven Brennan at Anheiser Busch”. Fuzzy logic takes into account misspelled names, nicknames, abbreviations and accents. It gets inside the head of every salesperson on your team, and gets you down to just one lead. Where do you find fuzzy logic in a deduping solution?

You find it here. Fuzzy logic lives in the Data Quality Report.

Data Quality Report is a free assessment tool that takes your database and figures out how many duplicates you have. Pretty neat, huh? Because the report uses the patent pending fuzzy logic built into the ActivePrime suite of products, it will catch both Stephen and Steven. It’s safe, takes about 2 minutes to run, and is completely confidential. We promise we won’t reveal your dirty data to the world. Oh, yeah, did we mention it’s FREE?

It’s FREE.

Take a swing at it - in two minutes you’ll have a pretty good idea of where you stand - then come talk to us about how to help you fix the problem. We promise, no more manual deduping. Just squeaky clean data.

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