How Can I Enter New Names into Oracle CRM On Demand with Confidence?


The Data Quality Issue:

You may be like me, and work for a company where everyone wears many hats. Accounting bleeds into HR, Customer support bleeds into Tech support and Marketing bleeds into Sales. That means that I, the marketing admin, need to enter new Leads when one calls us up to ask for information.

Easy enough right? Well, not when you work for Mr. Million-Dollar-a-Year-in-Sales guy who is so dependent on CRM On Demand to make those numbers. I need to make sure that I don’t dirty up his data by duplicating Leads or entering incorrect information.

A Simple Solution:

Thankfully I use CleanEnter for an instant check to confirm I am not creating a duplicate. I can check Accounts, Contacts or Leads. CleanEnter uses sophisticated technology to check nicknames, or spelling mistakes and alternate spellings. It can even catch accented letters and other international characters. In our global workplace this is necessary.

All I do is enter as much data as I like and click search. If a match is found I can easily click on it to add any new information. If it is not found I can click "Create" and add a new Lead to Oracle CRM On Demand, confident that I did not mess up Mr. Million-Dollar-a-Year-in-sales’ pipeline.

The Benefit:

The most rewarding outcome of using CleanEnter is how easy it is to find what I need in CRM On Demand because I didn’t dirty it up with duplicate records. And Mr. Million-Dollar-a-Year-in-sales is more focused than ever on making his quarterly numbers instead of pestering me to help him find the right Lead for the right opportunity. Maybe he’ll share his year-end bonus with me!

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