How can Marketing Assist Sales if CRM On Demand is Populated with False Info?

Data Quality Issue: What on earth? Why do all of Mr. Type-A-Salesman’s Leads have "unknown" listed as their mailing city in CRM On Demand? How am I going to get these holiday cards mailed out for him if the data is false?

Solution to the Issue:

I’ll quickly pull a list of the Leads in CRM On Demand and use CleanVerify to fix the faulty addresses. CleanVerify uses StrikeIron to check and update both US and International addresses (StrikeIron is a third party data provider but you can use your own data provider if you already have one). The majority of these Leads have state and zip code information so this will be a breeze. What I love about CleanVerify is the nice clear visual that is displayed next to the fields I validate. It shows all users of CRM On Demand if the information is validated, invalid or unknown with a simple color coded, lettered icon.

Benefits to the Solution:

Now, not only is the information complete due to CleanVerify, but it is also validated. This means that I can be sure that my mailers will be delivered. I can also use CleanVerify to validate phone numbers and email addresses which should make future campaigns and opportunities go smoother.