Dirty Data Impacts Customer Retention


Dirty data has an obvious impact on your customers. Say you have a VIP client, Ed Jones, whom your marketing and sales team has been nurturing for over a year. You’ve sent emails. You’ve had several face to face meetings. But somehow a duplicate record was created, and unbeknownst to you, Ed is getting two emails instead of one. To compound the error, you called Ed the other day to see if he got the proposal, but because you logged the call on the duplicate record, you made a second call later in the week. I know you are a good salesperson, but you rely on your CRM system, not your memory. Now Ed is laughing, but at you, not with you. Yikes.

It’s frightening how quickly a few mistakes alter perceptions from "competent" to "idiot."

Your CRM system is supposed to be there to act as a safety net to prevent these kind of customer service issues. But if you don’t have a good way to find duplicate records, like Ed Jones vs. Edward Jones, you are running the risk of undoing all your hard work.

No one intends to have these situations happen. Some companies using a CRM system have a single point of entry, standardizations for entry, and practices in place to prevent errors. But it’s human nature to take the easy way out. I would bet that if you are entering in a stack of cards from a trade show, and you don’t see the person you are looking for in the first ten seconds, you will enter them in again.

Having a almost foolproof way of making sure that there is only one record out there is pretty important, wouldn’t you say?


Let’s Fix It

– Find those duplicate records and deal with them
– Make sure they don’t get entered in the first place
– Be alerted if you are about to enter in a duplicate

While your CRM system is good, third party applications that partner with your CRM are great. They are the experts, the ace in the hole, for a particular solution. They are designed specifically to enhance your CRM system and make it better. In this case, you need products that will find any duplicates right away, put them in front of your face so you see that a duplicate was created when you pull up a contact, and prevent them from being entered in the first place.

ActivePrime has a suite of products that do just that. ActivePrime Search is designed to find possible duplicates, so when you search for a contact or account any possible matches are found. In our example, ActivePrime Search takes into account that Ed and Edward and Ned are used interchangeably. The search results would give you a list, if appropriate, of all the possible matches for your search, rather than autocompleting the name for you.

CleanEnter complements ActivePrime Search by sitting in the workflow when users are entering in new records. It checks to see if a record already exists, and alerts the user to potential names that may already be in the system before they hit create.

Finally, CleanCRM is an enhanced data quality product that uses patent pending technology to eliminate any duplicates that were mistakenly entered. It finds all the Eds, Neds, and Edwards and puts them into a list where a user can quickly and easily make decisions as to which records to merge, delete, or keep.

As data quality experts, ActivePrime has designed these products to enhance your CRM system and eliminate embarrassing and potentially damaging situations. Our products are embedded into your CRM system, are easy to use, and are proven to improve your data quality. Get a free trial of our products today and see how just a few moments can make a huge difference.

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