Featured Feature - Statistics


Our featured feature this week is Statistics in CleanCRM. Statistics is found in the CleanCRM menu between Settings and Dedupe. The Statistics feature is more than just an overview of your merge results - it can paint a very compelling picture for management.

I’m sure you dedupe all the time. It’s a good idea to take a look at the Statistics to see how much time (sigh) you will have to spend reviewing dupes this month. If you dedupe regularly and keep track of the numbers in the statistics, you will start to see improvement in your data quality over time! While that might seem like a small piece of information, your boss may see it differently.


One of our clients remarked recently that he could easily justify the cost of using CleanCRM in his next budget meeting based on evidence provided from these Statistics. The time his CRM admin spent on fixing duplicates decreased as the company continued using CleanCRM. He argued that five less hours spent deduping data meant that she had five more hours to allocate to other, more important tasks.

It got us thinking... how else are our clients using the Statistics? We’d like to hear from you. What are you using Statistics for? What other numbers would you like to see?

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