Featured Feature - Update CRM Fields


No more support tickets! Our featured feature this week is in CleanCRM. Update CRM Fields is found in the Options menu of CleanCRM, and it is a brand new feature that will provides instant results when you customize your CRM.

When you customize or rename fields and record types, you used to have to submit a support ticket in order to see the changes reflected in CleanCRM. Now, you just have to click one link!

The next time you are asked to add “Hire Date” to Leads, or rename Accounts to “Universities”, or delete the unused “Number of Circus Animals” from Contacts you can see the change immediately within CleanCRM.


Update CRM Fields

Once you have made the changes, simply click on Update CRM Fields, and you will see the CRM system refresh.


Update CRM Fields

Your new field name will now be under displayed fields, drop down menus, etc., making for easier data entry.


Have a new feature you’d like to see? Don’t wait - click on the Feature Suggestion button in the CleanCRM Options menu!