Oracle CRM On Demand Release 25 Administration Enhancements Explained

Oracle CRM On Demand Release 25Administration Enhancements Explained

The first of five R25 articles


This is the first of a series of five articles that will explain the enhancements to Oracle CRM On Demand in Release 25 (R25). This article’s focus is on the updates to CRM Administration.


Please note that this list does not cover all the enhancements by Oracle; if you need further information, please access the online documentation within My Oracle Support/Oracle CRM On Demand Knowledge Center.

Book and Book Users are now audited

As an administrator, you can now monitor any changes made to Books and Book Users, such as hierarchy and membership.

For example: A territory owner was promoted and a new owner was assigned to the records. You will have access to a history of adding a new owner to the Book and removing the old owner from the Book.

Three new currencies were added

The Ruble (Russia), Tala (Samoa), and Kwacha (Zimbabwe) are now a part of the list of available currencies to activate for your company. You can find these in the Admin link/Company Administration/Currency Definition.

Administrators can reset layouts by Roles

As an administrator, you can create and assign Action Bar layouts, Homepage layouts, and Page layouts all through User Management and Access Controls.

 For example: You have the ActivePrime CleanEnter tool for creating new records. CleanEnter resides in the Action Bar. You want to enable CleanEnter for all Inside Sales Reps.

  1. You create a new Action Bar layout which includes ActivePrime and then assign it to the Role “Inside Sales Rep”.

  2. You can then use the new feature named “Reset Action Bar Layouts” to push out your update.

  3. All users with Role of Inside Sales Rep now will have the ActivePrime CleanEnter tool enabled.

More optimized fields were added on Standard and Custom Objects

For Account, Activity, Contact, Opportunity, and Service Request, the following fields were added:

  • 5 check boxes

  • 25 currency, date, integer, number, picklist, text (long), and text (short) fields.

For Assessment, Campaign, Custom Objects 1-40, Lead, Product, and Revenue, the following fields were added:

  • 5 check boxes

  • 5 currency, date, integer, number, picklist, text (long), and text (short) fields.


The original Row ID is available in the deleted item export when you select to export ALL fields.

By including the Row ID of the original object in the exported csv, reconciling deleted records can be simplified.

 For example:

  1. You use CleanCRM for deduping your Contacts and as a best practice you export your grid of duplicates in which you displayed the Account ID (Row ID).

  2. After the merge, the merged records are stored on the Deleted Items page for 30 days.

  3. Within the 30 days, a user asks to have a record restored.

  4. You can reconcile the correct record to restore if you compare the Account ID (Row ID) between your CleanCRM export file and the Deleted Items export file. This ensures you restore the correct record. 

Administrators can now remove and add long text fields from page layouts.

Previous releases had locked long text fields (Description) to the page layout. Now administrators have the ability to remove this field or move the field to other areas of the page layout.

 For example: Your users may find the the Description field on the Account detail page more useful if it was located directly under the Location field, as the Description field is used to track the Location history.

Workflow coverage was added for three standard objects teams and 36 Custom Object teams.

Newly added workflow functionality for Business Plan Team, Lead Team, Service Request Team, and Custom Object 4 and greater Teams was added.

 For example: You can trigger an email for your Business Plan Team each time a new record is saved.

Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop was enhanced

Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop is now supported on Microsoft Outlook® 2013 and in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Outlook®.

Additionally, Book of Business is now supported as a record visibility option in Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop.

 As always, we recommend that before you set up new workflows or add new fields, double check the quality of your CRM data. Identify duplicate records now so users can take advantage of new enhancements without being frustrated with duplicate, dirty data. Improve usability with accurate, clean CRM data. Get a snapshot of the current state of your CRM using our free data quality tool. If you’d like to schedule a free 30-minute consultation on the state of your CRM data quality with one of our CRM experts, sign up here

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