Oracle Taps Twitter To Enhance Sales Efforts


Oracle is changing their sales strategy by bringing in an Evangelist. Thanks to the efforts of Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist at Oracle, Oracle is actively using social media as a selling tool. As an industry leader in CRM, Oracle’s commitment to social media reinforces the need for sales and marketing to shift towards personal, responsive selling. Back in 2012, when Oracle acquired Eloqua, they had a fairly common level of internet exposure. In an effort to expand on their more traditional methods of email, webinars, and blog posts, Rowley, a rep with Eloqua, was hired to shake up selling efforts.

In a recent article by Ad Age, Rowley was quoted as saying, “A company of the size that we are, innovation isn't enough; we need disruption, we need to really rethink our business models, our go-to-market strategies, our sales team organization and marketing.” And disrupt she has.

Ad Age reports that Rowley is holding large seminars, smaller workshops, and has generated internal videos that show exactly how to use tools like Twitter to engage customers. Through her efforts, employees are starting to reach out to their customers by utilizing hashtags, engaging them in conversations, and monitoring the buzz.

These tips are easy to incorporate into any sales team’s strategy. The concept is intuitive, personal and as simple as taking advantage of an opportunity to chime in during a conversation. Rowley’s SlideShare, called the Grande Guide to Social Media is full of clever ideas for using Twitter and other social media to get the attention of your customers. It also has a section on how the marketing team can help with social media efforts.

One of the more compelling ideas of the SlideShare is the concept of social listening. Using monitoring tools, salespeople can listen to important conversations their clients are having. They can then accurately respond to customer’s concerns, frustrations and triumphs. By walking the fine line between stalker and advisor, sales reps can generate relationships by timely, appropriate Tweets. In the end, it’s much more rewarding than a cold call.

Take a look at Rowley’s SlideShare, and consider adapting some of the strategies on your own sales team. Then follow us on Twitter, and join in the conversations!

Grande Guide to Social Selling by Eloqua from Jill Rowley

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