Featured Feature - Scheduler


Tired of waiting for CleanCRM to read your records?Want a “set it and forget it” way to merge your processed duplicates? Would you like to schedule an automatic scan for duplicates every week?

You asked for it - You got it! Clean CRM’s New Feature - The Scheduler

Scheduler is a great tool for Admins who don’t want to use up web service requests during peak hours. Scheduler allows you to schedule a scan at a time of your choosing - overnight, weekends, early morning. Once the process is run, you’ll get an email notification, and the list of duplicates will be waiting for your review. Once you’ve processed them, you can schedule the merge process as well.

You can also use the recurring event option to schedule scans every week or month. Pick your time and day, and it will automatically perform a scheduled run. Read on for step-by-step directions on how to run Scheduler on your Oracle CRM On Demand system. You also have the option to run Scheduler on your salesforce.com system.

You can find the scheduler option in the upper right hand corner.


ActivePrime Scheduler

Here’s your opening screen. Click on new event or anywhere on the timeline. It couldn’t be easier.


ActivePrime Scheduler


You will get an email notification once your scan has run. From there, you can review the records and then merge them. Once you are ready, click on the Merge All/Merge Page button.


ActivePrime Scheduler

As you can see, you have the option to merge records now, or merge records later to optimize speed using Scheduler. Pick your time and the Scheduler will block out two hours on your timeline. During those two hours you will not be able to use CleanCRM, so we recommend running it overnight. Scheduling your scans and merges overnight will also decrease your chance of hitting your web service limits and interrupting service to your users.

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