Oracle CRM On Demand Release 25 Application Customization Enhancements Explained

Oracle CRM On Demand Release 25Application Customization Explained

The third of five R25 articles


This is the third of a series of five articles that will explain the enhancements to Oracle CRM On Demand in Release 25 (R25). This article's focus is on the updates to Application Customization.

Please note that this list does not cover all the enhancements by Oracle; if you need further information, please access the online documentation within My Oracle Support/Oracle CRM On Demand Knowledge Center.

Administrators can now move or even remove long text fields from page layouts. The width of the long text field (such as Description) is determined by the presence of another field to the right or left of it on the page layout.

Page, Homepage, and Action Bar layouts can be set and deployed by administrators. Administrators now have the ability to customize layouts by role so that users are working with the intended layout. There is a new section called "Personalization Management" in the "User Management and Access Controls" section of Admin where you can explore this option.

A new privilege has been added: 'Manage Social Network'. Although deployed in R25, this privilege will not become functional until Release 26.  Therefore it should not be enabled for any user at this time.

The ability to use your own JavaScript APIs in pop up windows has been added in this release. In the past, pop up windows could not receive any custom JavaScript code; now this is possible. A practical use example would be to have additional functionality added to a button in a pop up window that may pull data from another system. We are planning a blog post that will cover JavaScript API in detail.

These changes make customizing Oracle CRM On Demand easier, but before you change page layouts or deploy new action bar set-ups, double check that your data quality won't suffer.

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