CRM On Demand Technical Tips and Tricks: Archiving

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Archiving in Oracle CRM On Demand means different things to different users. It may mean removing attachments to free up space to keep your allotments in check. Or, archiving may mean removing records from the workflow. It could also mean a clean up unused Accounts, Contacts, or Leads to improve CRM performance and usability. Some believe that data is power, and therefore no data should be archived, while others strongly believe that irrelevant data is distracting. It's important that precedents are set for how to purge data from your CRM, especially as your business grows. There are limits, or allotments, to the number of records and attachments you can create before Oracle will ask you to purchase more storage.

Considerations for your initial business rules on archiving may include:

  • Who will be responsible for the archive process?

  • What types of records should be archived?

  • Why should records be archived?

  • Where will you keep the archived data?

  • When should data be archived?

  • How will you perform archiving?

In this article, we show you how to archive and remove Leads from the CRM On Demand workflow. For this example, we define answers to the above considerations:

  • Who: System Admin

  • What: Leads with no email or phone, deceased or retired or no activity in 24 months

  • Why: To keep sales focused

  • Where: External Microsoft Access Database

  • When: Quarterly

  • How: Status marked as Archived. Export then Batch Delete.

To archive a Lead, click the "Archive" button on the Lead Detail page. This action removes the record from the lead management process, but the record still remains in CRM On Demand. To remove the archived leads following the outlined strategy, the System Admin can create a Lead list targeting the archived leads using a filter for status = Archived. If the list contains fewer than 250 records, the Admin can export the list, with all fields, to a CSV file, which can then be loaded into the external database. Finally, the Admin can return to CRM On Demand and batch delete the list of archived Leads. The records will sit in the Deleted Items for 30 days.

More sophisticated scenarios can be devised for archiving records throughout your entire CRM. Take the time to outline your business process for purging records and gain confidence in your CRM Administrator skills.

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