Recap: NYC CRM On Demand User Group | June 11th, 2014


Last week, ActivePrime attended the Oracle CRM On Demand User Group in New York City. We were so excited to see our customers, exchange ideas, and participate in the helpful and revealing roundtable discussions. Here are some of our observations, things we learned, and people that we thought were outstanding.

A Good Idea To Think About: Replacement of Low Level Reporting

Oracle is considering an overhaul of their reporting/analytics engine in a future update. This is exciting news, as it should open the door for more complex reports, more captured data, and advanced metrics. We can’t wait to see the updated reporting engine in action!

A Particularly Tricky Situation That We Couldn’t Solve

Some companies have reports that use cross object information or book-based reports that don’t work in the existing Oracle setup. Their solution is to run a series of reports, then export the results and use excel to pivot the data together. This is incredibly time consuming. It would be valuable to find a way to help streamline the process. If you have suggestions or workarounds that you’d like to share, feel free to start a discussion on our LinkedIn page.

Shout Out: Mike from Post University

We’d like to acknowledge Mike and Sanjeev from Post University for their ability to get the group discussing different pain points they’ve found in Oracle CRM On Demand and how they worked with them. They were able to take their PowerPoint of three slides and keep a conversation going in the room for the entire time, which is a rare talent in a roundtable discussion. Great job!

Biggest TakeAway: The Need for Flexibility in Third Party Add-Ons

Large companies have built incredibly complex systems within Oracle CRM On Demand. This reinforces the idea that, in order to adapt to both large and small companies, third party vendors like ActivePrime need versatility in their products. A product that functions in only one way won’t work when there are special circumstances and multiple levels. Having a crack development team that can modify a program to accommodate a very complex structure is essential. Users who have very complex systems will need to carefully review potential add-ons to make sure that those products can be tailored to their specific requirements.

Closing Thoughts

One of the items mentioned in the user group was the upcoming Oracle On Demand Release 26. ActivePrime has already done a series of easy-to-read articles that explain the enhancements of Release 25. Look for more informative articles on Release 26 shortly after the release is generally available.

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