Recap: SoCal CRM On Demand User Group | June 5th, 2014

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Two weeks ago, some of the folks here at ActivePrime attended the Oracle CRM On Demand User Group in Irvine, CA. We were excited to be there, to catch up with everyone, and to participate in the very helpful and revealing roundtable discussions. Here are some of our observations, tips we learned, and people who struck us as outstanding.

Things That Made Us Do A Happy Dance

Bob from CoreLogic presented their roadmap for the next year. Their goals include setting up analytics and an Oracle MDM solution over the next year or two. But until then, he called ActivePrime their MDM! We're thrilled to be called an MDM solution. We feel being labelled as a curator of customer master data is a great place to be. Thanks, Bob!

Coming Soon: To Make Your Sales Reps Very Happy

During the user group, Bob from CoreLogic also showed us how his sales reps manually go through their Opportunities monthly and update a lot of fields by hand. This takes significant time and, needless to say, the reps don't do it consistently, thus generating problems for creating accurate Opportunity reports. He wanted to know if ActivePrime could help. ActivePrime is releasing a product later this month which will allow users to do mass updates of record owners, opportunity status, and field values. It can mass update fields across a defined list of Opportunities, so it should fit CoreLogic’s needs. Perhaps this is something that your company needs as well... if so, contact greg.sales@activeprime.comto get you started.

Trend That We Noticed: Oracle CRM On Demand Is Perfect For Universities.

At the user group, we noticed that a number of universities are successfully using Oracle CRM On Demand to manage their relationships. Unlike companies, which have prospects and clients, universities and colleges have students. The institutions are actively involved with cultivating prospective students similar to sales reps attracting customers to their product. And once the students have enrolled, the university constantly maintains their relationship, whether it be through grades, financial aid, classes, or tuition. Even after graduation, a student’s Lifetime Value can be profitable, for example through alumni participation and donations. We feel that universities, if they are not already using Oracle CRM On Demand, should be. It’s a fantastic vehicle with just the right tools to help them maximize relationships.

We’d Love Your Opinion

One issue came up around understanding the Oracle CRM On Demand release notes. A lot of folks find them long and difficult to wade through. One user suggested a video of the features as a way to make release notes easier to understand. Although we have already broken down Release 25 into several easy-to-read blogs, we’ll considering whether or not we should also create a video for the next release. Send us a comment and let us know if you are interested in seeing a video that would break down the enhancements.

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