Recap: Mid-Atlantic CRM On Demand User Group | June 18th, 2014


Last week, ActivePrime attended the Oracle CRM On Demand User Group in Reston, VA. We were excited to see our customers, exchange ideas, and participate in the roundtable discussions.


ActivePrime at CRM On Demand User Group

One key question was asked by most of the CRM Administrators. Now that we've spent all this time and money implementing a CRM system, how do we get people to actually use it? And so, getting employees to make the transition from an old process to a centralized system was the main topic of the day. We were grateful that Laura and Nicole from Structural Group were there to help answer this question. They are one of our customers and presented their internal process for moving to CRM On Demand and ActivePrime.

Structural Group is the largest specialty concrete repair contracting organization in the United States. They originally started organizing with an older FileMaker Pro Database and then moved to Oracle CRM On Demand. During the four-year, phased transition, there was heavy emphasis on new user adoption with various training methodologies.

Structural Group now uses Eloqua and sends automated Customer Satisfaction surveys with pre-qualification tracking to over 170 users. Every user has access to every record. They have a support team in place, as well as a third party partner to help with special projects, custom object configuration, and reports. ActivePrime CleanEnter is integrated automatically, forcing users to search before creating new accounts, contacts, or lead records in order to help decrease duplicates.

Employees from other organizations had a lot of positive feedback regarding Structural Group’s CRM setup; it’s easy to use and has a logical configuration.

We hope that you are inspired to follow Structural Group’s lead. When a company implements a CRM system in the right way, it can cut costs, help to develop marketing and sales strategies, and increase revenue. Structural Group recognized that user adoption is critical to overall CRM success, and by utilizing CleanEnter, which stops users from entering duplicates, they have cleaner data. Cleaner data leads to happier users who can find the Lead they want the first time. Happier users means more use of the CRM, which is the tool that brings success to the company.

We recognize that a high rate of user adoption is critical for CRM success… and data quality is critical for user adoption. We’ve put together a Top 5 List for Improving CRM User Adoption. If you are interested in the article, sign up for our quarterly updates and receive valuable information on CRM Best Practices, User Adoption, CRM On Demand Tips & Techniques, and our upcoming R26 series.