Recap: Chicago CRM On Demand User Group | June 18th, 2014


Last week, ActivePrime attended the Oracle CRM On Demand User Group in Chicago. We were excited to see our customers, exchange ideas, and participate in the roundtable discussions. CRM users from the area came together to chat, share their problems, and learn new solutions. The general feeling was that it never hurts to get more training on Oracle CRM On Demand, no matter how proficient you are.

User Adoption: Suggestions and Ideas


Many conversations revolved around user adoption, a hot topic at all of the User Groups we attended. One idea to increase user adoption is to create financial incentives for higher use of the CRM system. Metrics can also help with user adoption. ActivePrime is releasing new metric dashboards this year that will be perfect for analyzing aggregated usage of the CRM system. These metrics will save administrative time and troubleshooting. They not only provide quick analysis for individuals or teams, but also are excellent tools for making executive decisions.


For more suggestions, check out our list of Top 5 Tips to Improve User Adoption, featured in our quarterly newsletter.

Komori’s Stellar Case Study: 98% Clean CRM System!

We’d like to give a shout out to Komori, who prepared a case study on their implementation of Oracle CRM On Demand. Komori is one of the world’s largest press manufacturers focusing on offset printing technology. They implemented Oracle CRM On Demand in May 2010 for their sales team. Their prior interfaces were not widely loved, in part due to limited search capacity and duplication issues. Adoption and usage rates were low, and reporting was difficult.

Komori began using three ActivePrime products to manage their 14,000+ records: CleanEnter, ActivePrime Search, and CleanCRM. The primary use of the products is to prevent bad data entry, improve adoption rates, and assist in data deduping. Implementing ActivePrime products simply made data easier to find. It was noted that you “don’t have to be a good typist (or speller): fat fingering allowed!” ActivePrime’s search algorithms find and rank results automatically, and thus immensely reduced duplicate Account and Contact entry. CleanCRM aided in the deduping process, as its rules and filters for search algorithms can be customized for different data treatments.

Today, Komori has a 98% clean CRM system, thanks in part to ActivePrime solutions. Komori can track sales activities alongside user market categorization, segmentation, and product interest assignments for targeted marketing. There are focused Opportunities, with pipeline forecasting of both products and revenue. Reporting and analytics both improved, so now they create their own reports, dashboards, and KPIs.

We love hearing success stories like this one. Our mission is to help everyone achieve cleaner data and an easy-to-use CRM system. We appreciate Komori’s support and thank Andy Katz for letting us include their inspirational story at the User Group!

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