New Product from ActivePrime Solves All Your Mass Update Needs

Many of you have asked for the ability to mass update fields within CRM On Demand, above the 50-field limitation. And you'd like to schedule these changes at off-peak hours. Some users have had to export data into a spreadsheet, manually update it, and then re-import it, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. Users need an easy way to switch all the Accounts owned by a sales rep to a new one. Or update the same field for a whole slew of Opportunities, instead of one at a time. Users have also requested the need for picklist options to ensure that data integrity is maintained by forcing a user to select only those options that are valid.

We have listened, and we have a solution for you, a new product called CleanUpdate that addresses all of these issues in a few clicks.


CleanUpdate has the ability to update any field value (including custom fields) in bulk, or reassign Account Owners, complete with their Activities and Opportunities. These updates can be scheduled to run whenever makes best sense for your business, even the wee hours of the morning.

CleanUpdate can also set permissions by role so the updating can be handled by a sales rep, marketing data steward, or CRM administrator.

Best of all, CleanUpdate is quick, intuitive to use, and integrated right into the CRM.

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