Bridging the “Collaboration Gap”


There must have been many times when you have wanted to collaborate on a project or include others on a conversation to get their input, but ran into roadblocks such as limited email, outside suppliers or unsecured instant messaging. This is the “collaboration gap”, and it has wasted lots of time and money. Here are a few typical scenarios….any look familiar? “I need an approval for this image and then I can send out this email campaign. The Sales Manager is anxious to get this out so that his sales team can start pursuing these leads. Once I get the image approved I need to check with Accounting to make sure we are up to date on our subscription to the image supplier. I wish there was a way to keep all these project centered conversations together and everyone who is interested informed on the progress.”

“I need to create and send new sales collateral to our office in AsiaPac but, because of the time difference I can’t find a time when we all can meet to discuss the finite details. I wish I could track everyone’s input in one central location so that each member knew the response from the other.”

“I am waiting to hear back from my territory rep on an open opportunity; the customer was sent new terms of use which could make or break this deal. I’m trying to coordinate this all with our suppliers. I wish there was a way to keep us all in the loop.”

Oracle has introduced the Oracle Social Network to bridge the “collaboration gap”. Oracle Social Network integrates directly within both Oracle CRM On Demand Release 26 and Oracle Sales Cloud among other Oracle and Microsoft solutions. It also can be used as a stand-alone application. The Oracle Social Network imitates a consumer-style social network but provides an enterprise-wide communication channel.


  • All collaboration is in real-time,

  • Written or recorded messages are included,

  • History of communication is maintained,

  • Communications are open for all to see or restricted to a few,

  • Stream-based communications similar in feel to Facebook with activity streams and walls to post to,

  • Share documents with annotations and revision history,

  • Share CRM On Demand opportunities, service requests and accounts with your team, automatically being notified of changes to your record, and having one or more contextual conversations,

  • Extend collaboration to all employees in an organization - even those without an Oracle CRM On Demand license,

  • Native iPad application; contribute to a conversation anywhere and have it available to all members.

The Oracle Social Network morphs communication into collaboration. Save your collaborators time by reducing the number of in person meetings, garner input from individuals not included in project meetings, manage your customer’s entire experience so the customer receives accurate and timely care, and find more sales opportunities by engaging your whole organization.

Learn more about the Oracle Social Network by visiting:

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