Recap: Northern California CRM On Demand User Group September 9, 2014

Roman Cooper, Mike Coluci, Lori Archie, Diana Hancock, and Duane Nelson from Oracle

ActivePrime was pleased to recently attend the Oracle CRM On Demand User Group at the Oracle headquarters in Redwood City, CA. We were excited to meet joint customers, exchange ideas, and participate in the roundtable discussions. Twelve CRM users from six companies in the area came together to chat, share their problems, and learn new solutions. There was a presentation by SGI, who is a user of both Oracle CRM On Demand and ActivePrime. Here is a summary for those who missed it.

Summary of the Case Study:

SGI by Kristine Lovett

SGI, or Silicon Graphics International, is a global leader in high-performance solutions for compute, data analytics, and data management. They have 1,100 employees, distribution in 50 countries, 6500+ customers, and 600+ patents.

CRM On Demand has been in use at SGI since 2007. There are over 400 active users including Sales, Sales Ops, Channels, Service & Renewals, Manufacturing/Operations, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Engineering, and Professional Services. SGI’s CRM On Demand is integrated with Oracle Quoter, Sales Orders, Customer Master, Partner Portal, ActivePrime & Marketing Automation Tools. Over 300 Reports have been accessed this quarter by their users & over 200 Workflow rules are utilized.

ActivePrime’s role at SGI is through CleanEnter and ActivePrime Search. These two products are integrated with CRM On Demand for users who create contacts. The products are seamless to the users. You try to create the contact and it will first search if the contact already exists. By having these products in place, it helps ensure best practices and business process. As an added bonus to the Sales Reps, it also provides visibility to accounts not owned so they can easily see who owns the account. CleanUpdate allows SGI to make mass field updates at once.

We love hearing success stories like this one. Our mission is to help everyone achieve cleaner data and an easy-to-use CRM system. We appreciate SGI’s support and thank Kristine for sharing their inspirational story at the User Group!

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