Recap: Atlanta CRM On Demand User Group September 10, 2014

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ActivePrime was pleased to recently attend the Oracle CRM On Demand User Group in Atlanta, GA. We were excited to see our customers, exchange ideas, and participate in the roundtable discussions.  

Tapping into Vertical Industry Specific CRM On Demand

Oracle offers CRM On Demand tailored for specific verticals, such as life sciences and automotive. The features related to specific verticals can be requested for your own system by logging a support request with Oracle Support. Some of the features that could be helpful include the ability to account for timezone and travel impacts when scheduling, or the addition of longitude and latitude on the Address Object for more granular mapping integration.

More information about vertical features can be found on the Oracle website.


CRM On Demand Social Engagement and Monitoring Features

Oracle CRM On Demand is pushing the social media aspects of communication. Through social engagement and monitoring you can create conversations that link into the CRM via OSN (Oracle Social Network). For more information on OSN, please check out our newly formed CRM On Demand Online LinkedIn User Group.


Improve Slow Running Reports - From Joel Paris at Oracle

In a post-user group email, Joel Paris from Oracle sent out some recommendations for how to improve slow running reports. Here are some salient points from his email:

1) Evaluate your prompts and avoid scanning the full table where you can. The key is building user picklists in a more streamlined manner. To learn more about this topic, contact your Oracle CSS rep or post a discussion question on the LinkedIn User Group.

2) Leverage a report warmer to keep high frequency reports in a faster state.

There will always be performance differences between those reports that are considered warm (recently run) and cold (not run for a variable period of time). To work around this, a report warmer can be developed. A sample which includes Java code and documentation might be available if you contact your Oracle CSS rep or by joining the community discussion.

3) Log Oracle Service Requests, as they can always try and tune the pod to meet your needs. There have been many optimizations over the years, and they are not always intentionally applied until customers experience performance lags.


Check This Out:

Shankar Meganatha, Reporting Product Manager for CRM On Demand,

Shared These Valuable Links:


Analytics Charts on iPad

Article/Doc Id: 887777, Using Google Charts with CRM On Demand Answers to Create iPad Viewable Charts


Report Migration Options

Article/Doc Id: 1568746.1, Company Report Migration Tool

Oracle Support Document 1568746.1 (Company Report Migration Tool) can be found at:


Cross-object reporting on Custom Web Tab

Article/Doc Id: 1668436.1, Dashboard That Shows All Reports Filtered on Common ID

Oracle Support Document 1668436.1 (Dashboard That Shows All Reports Filtered on Common ID) can be found at:

We hope you’ve enjoyed this recap of the Atlanta User group and found some of the information helpful.


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