Oracle CRM On Demand Release 27 Integration Enhancements


This is the last of a series of four articles that will explain the enhancements to Oracle CRM On Demand in Release 27 (R27). This article’s focus is on the updates to CRM Integration Tools. In this article we cover:

  1. Export Attachments

  2. Web Service Enhancements

RESTful API, a new set of API’s to allow for more integrations, will be summarized and presented in a separate article.

If you need further information, please access the online documentation (available on My Oracle Support, login required, Doc ID 1930481.1), or access a complete video of the R27 presentation.

Selective Export of Object Attachments

Allows exporting attachments for specific Objects.

Adds support to export attachment for Special Pricing Requests and Marketing Development Fund Requests Objects.

The Export Attachments feature allows users more flexibility in selecting the Objects for which they want to export attachment files using the Data Export Assistant. Currently there is the option to export the attachments of all objects that support attachments or the option to choose None. By allowing granular level selections, you can selectively export the attachment files of specific Objects or all Objects.

There is also the option to export only the details of the attachments, without exporting the actual attachment files. This helps customers who want to verify the size of various attachment files to decide which files need to be backed up in a separate Document Management System.

Web Services Enhancements

Support use of Searchspec along with NamedSearchSpec.

Additional Object Coverage for Web Services 2.0.

Oracle has made improvements to Web Services in R27. Web Services 2.0 now supports the use of field level Searchspec along with NamedSearchspec.

These search specs can be used to further filter records returned by a List to a smaller subset.

They have also improved object coverage by adding Custom Object 1-3 to Campaign; Household and Portfolio as a child of Contact; Contact and Activity as a child of Portfolio; and many more children to Household.

Please review the Integration Enhancements TOI (found in the Oracle Knowledge Center, Doc ID 1930481.1) for more details.

ActivePrime recently wrote a series of technical blog posts covering technical tips using the JavaScript API including:

  1. Custom buttons.

  2. Storing your code, context, and the screen.

  3. Classes and chaining plus the titlebar.

  4. CRUD. Create, Read, Update and Delete records.

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