Save Time- Update CRM Teams In Batch

The team function is a major CRM selling feature, allowing organizations to group users in changeable ways to best manage various customer relationship requirements. But the fluid nature of teams carries a heavy price. Staff turnover, replacements, additions and reassigned roles mean team structures need frequent updates. With each change to every team requiring individual attention, the inevitable updates take up an enormous amount of time and the unfortunate reality is that because of this, many organizations' team structures are out of date. Just like every other aspect of CRM management, bad data wreaks havoc.

When individuals find themselves in the wrong roles, on the wrong teams, with the wrong team members, a feature designed to move different sales and marketing objectives forward in a unified manner is confusing. Adoption and usage decline, pulling the ROI down with them. The problems can easily extend beyond the CRM itself since reduced team communications and poor management can hurt customer satisfaction and sales.

In April 2015, ActivePrime launched the new Team Management feature to CleanUpdate for CRM On Demand. Now, CleanUpdate customers can manage and update their teams in batch, changing multiple users across multiple teams, simultaneously. The Team Management feature allows you to add, remove and replace the users on your teams while also specifying which subset of Account, Contact, Opportunity and/or Custom Objects should be updated.

The Team Management feature in CleanUpdate will save organizations many hours of updating: preserving the integrity of the teams function and the benefits it was designed to deliver.