Salesforce Keynotes - Dreamforce 2016 Smart CRM, Smart Experiences


On the third day at Dreamforce, App Cloud EVP Adam Seligman and Marketing Cloud CPO and SVP Bryan Wade delivered powerful keynotes on new Salesforce intelligence products and how they enable companies to create smart, one to one customer journeys. The full sessions can be watched here (IT) and here (Marketing).

Salesforce for IT Keynote 'Build Smart Experiences People Love'

The proliferation of new technologies, devices, and platforms urges companies to actively tackle insights from these new channels and better meet customer needs. For many organizations, this entails more time and cost-effective IT operations.

Salesforce measured up to that challenge by building Artificial Intelligence into its products, allowing businesses to move forward faster and with less custom code, build trusted, secure applications, and work collaboratively in the Salesforce ecosystem.

With Einstein in App Cloud, Salesforce opens up AI for both developers and non-developers, in a straightforward app-building process that requires minimum to no programming. Companies and communities such as Teach for America, Zenefits, or Lilly, are already leveraging Salesforce Cloud products to engage with customers, using data from ‘under the surface’. Quality information is essential to this process, as inaccurate or out of date data may lead to flawed customer predictions.

Salesforce for Marketing Keynote 'The Smartest CRM for 1-1 Customer Journeys'

Marketing today is mostly about personalization and integration. Salesforce products such as Marketing Cloud support marketers in creating customized journeys throughout the customer lifecycle.

Salesforce AI technology enables companies to incorporate customer insights from multiple channels (email, social media, advertising, mobile) to generate customer predictions that companies can use to strategize their action.

A plethora of products are being successfully employed by Salesforce clients to coordinate their marketing, sales, and customer service efforts towards customer engagement.

Mastercard integrated Salesforce marketing tools with Sales Cloud to make their sales representatives more productive; used the Marketing Cloud together with the Service Cloud and Community Cloud to boost customer onboarding; Dunkin’ Donuts relied on social listening and Journey Builder to impact their customer retention and lifetime value.

Driving accelerated, AI-powered customer insight depends highly on quality data and ubiquitous access to such data. ActivePrime products and solutions use advanced data management capabilities to leverage customer insight from inside and beyond the CRM, across your on-site or cloud-based system.

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