3 Keys to Prepare for 2017 Open Enrollment


The 2017 Open Enrollment Period is quickly approaching, and showing no signs of slowing down. Healthcare organizations are anticipating member rates to increase upwards of 60 percent this year alone. The forecast also suggests over 90 percent of the US population will be covered with healthcare insurance in the next few years. To cope with this shift, many healthcare organizations are busy understanding and implementing CRM systems to address their compliance issues, and to develop new customers.

Balancing this heavy increase along with any unforeseen projects can be a daunting task. But with these three key elements to help your healthcare organization prepare for the inevitable, it doesn’t have to be. If you are trying to prepare your CRM system for the upcoming open enrollment season, take a look at our 3 tips to coming out on top.

1. Build Customer Loyalty

The primary reason for using a CRM is to develop a strong relationship with your health care providers. This relationship is important to create confidence and a strong reputation, to build and support the loyalty of doctors, health care providers and hospitals. Information exchange and education helps healthcare organizations to make positive impacts on their clients.

Good solid information will educate your clients in managing their own health care needs. Re-admissions are expensive and cost the provider very much in time and money. A well informed customer and care program can help to avoid this additional burden of re-admission to hospitals or other forms of therapy. This will avoid medicare penalties and other costly expenses.

2. Retain Existing Customers

Many healthcare organizations need to carefully manage open enrollment periods. Annually, customers have the chance to change healthcare insurance coverage and companies. This a huge area for healthcare companies to maintain their customers and keep them from moving to other organizations. Good clean data will maximize the benefit of these efforts to build marketing and sales activities to drive new customers.

3. Drive New Customer Acquisition

Healthcare organizations are taking steps to drive customer acquisition and engagement. They are using marketing programs and education to recruit new customers and expand their customer base. These organizations are looking to support customer engagement and interaction. Physicians are also looking to automate and improve their ability to facilitate customer engagement. Providing useful information and education will help customers immensely. It is expected that 80 % of communications will rely on customer and doctor communication and will likely be done with mobile phone devices.

In order to build a strong reputation with customers the healthcare industry needs to make sure the customer data is accurate. Solid security is extremely important with support for HIPAA guidelines. It is very important to make sure the customers information is secure and protected.

ActivePrime has worked hard to make sure we can help with these healthcare challenges and rules. We are dedicated to making the healthcare experience as positive as we can. We want to help both customers and organizations maximize their investment in CRM systems. We want all to be covered by health care insurance and support.

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