Are You Prepared for 2017 Open Enrollment?


Is Your CRM System Prepared for 2017 Open Enrollment?

Healthcare has become one of the most dynamic areas in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems in the last few years. But why has there been a recent surge of influence in CRM systems? Organizations, Doctors, Hospitals, Prescription Fulfilment Companies, Medical Devices, and other related companies have been heavily impacted by the Affordable Care Act (2010) also known as ObamaCare.

The overarching goal of this plan is to allow all citizens health care coverage, regardless of income, age, employment, and previous health conditions. What many individuals are unaware of however, is that Insurance companies are being actively urged and pressured to sign up new customers to participate in “the best health coverage in the world.” And yet, the movement remains private and not government directed. This concept of the Affordable Care Act is, on the surface, to put an end to health related issues through prevention and good health care management. Though there are many issues and repercussions related to this program, the most prevalent including immense rising costs and participation, the concept is important and needs to be endorsed.

This initiative has added 32 million citizens to be covered by health care insurance, and that number is only growing. The rapid expansion caused by the Affordable Care Act has forced healthcare organizations to manage the need for better marketing and sales efforts, including a substantial upgrade of CRM systems knowledge amongst their teams.

For the first time, healthcare organizations need to offer state-of-the-art services and heavily market and sell customers on their services to remain competitive in the industry. The forecast suggests over 90 percent of the US population will be covered with healthcare insurance in the next few years.

How You Can Prepare Your CRM System Data

To cope with this shift, many healthcare organizations are busy understanding and implementing CRM systems to address their issues related to being compliant to certain securities and acts, and to focus on leveraging that into developing new customers. Along the same vein, healthcare companies need to be aware of the significance of providing and managing clean data, as well as the need to access and administer data on multiple other customer related systems. These abilities, along with the need to obtain a customer’s historical information, detailed test results, clinical information, insurance coverage, and other pertinent information, are important to facilitate the best service to all healthcare insureds.

The 2017 Open Enrollment is quickly approaching and will be here before we know it. Does your healthcare organization have the preparation capabilities to handle the inevitable surge in health care costs and participation?

ActivePrime has worked hard to make sure we can help with these healthcare challenges and rules. We are dedicated to making the healthcare experience as positive as we can. We want to help both customers and organizations maximize their investment in CRM systems. We want all to be covered by health care insurance and support.

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