4 Simple Keys to Archive your CRM Data

Organizations need to protect their customer data, especially if planning to migrate to a new CRM or consolidate multiple systems into a single CRM. All customer data is extremely important to a company as it is used by sales, marketing, and customer service teams alike. The historical significance, security, and compliance of this data helps these teams within an organization to strengthen customer relationships and develop insightful selling strategies. Understanding and using collected customer data information is key to building value and developing loyalty with customers and prospects. Archive your data.

4 Reasons to Archive Your CRM Data

  1. Maintain data compliance.

    For many organizations, customer data needs to be kept for several years to comply with the law. As changes occur within an organization or a relationship with a customer changes, it is essential that all data on all customers is accurately maintained for security and compliance purposes.

  2. Save online storage expenses.

    The high cost of online data storage can be easily avoided if an organization chooses to archive by investing in a data intelligence solution. It is also important to be able to search any archived data and access all customer information within an organization to produce the most productive sales and marketing strategies.

  3. Protect your investment.

    As markets evolve and change it is important for an organization to protect their investment in customer data. All customer data may be leveraged for reporting and intelligence purposes and will likely provide the foundation for a company’s future sales and/or marketing strategies. Likewise, there is immense value in using data mining techniques to extract important information regarding your prospects and customers.

  4. Mitigate loss of data.

    As an organization prepares to migrate CRMs or consolidate multiple systems into a single CRM, it is essential to prevent the possibility of data loss. Furthermore, Cloud systems can get turned off with the flick of a switch, and by choosing to archive, an organization can feel comfortable knowing that all customer data is backed-up to avoid any loss during the migration.

The goal of archiving CRM customer data is to preserve the value an organization has invested in building the best customer data resources. The more informed and confident an organization’s sales and marketing teams become, the higher levels of performance and results they will be able to reach. It is a highly competitive world market and organizations need to give every advantage to their personnel to achieve the highest job performance results possible. With accurately maintained customer data, a well informed sales team will gain confidence and improve productivity to drive an effective sales engine for growth and success.

Whether customer data lives in the Cloud or down on the ground, it all needs to make a smooth transition to it’s new CRM environment. Archiving solutions give organizations peace of mind that they will not be cut off from data in the Cloud and that existing data will endure post transition. It also enables archive search with fuzzy logic and instant access right from the new CRM interface, eliminating the need to navigate between systems in order to access archived data.

The highest quality Archive Software features must include the ability to: * Search all archived data from one location using ActivePrime’s patented Multi-Search capabilities * Convenient access to a relational database housing all CRM data * Perform ad-hoc queries using the organization’s tool of choice * Archive on premise, behind a firewall, or in the Cloud

The use of an intelligent archiving solution is a powerful addition to any organization’s customer management workflow as well as the maintenance of all customer security and compliance.