Is data holding back your move to Oracle Sales Cloud?


Oracle Sales Cloud helps organizations enhance their sales efforts and create better engagement strategies for both their customers and their teams. Though migrating from CRM On Demand or another CRM system to Sales Cloud may seem daunting, transitioning customer data can prove fast and smooth with an archiving solution.

The sooner companies move to Sales Cloud, the sooner they can weigh in on benefits such as enhanced work flows, robust BI infrastructure, powerful social relationship management, and integration with the Fusion applications suite.

Common concerns that can delay data migration to OSC are data cleansing, which can be a time-consuming effort, and data loss during the move. Archiving mitigates these risks and provides further advantages such as data accessibility and reduced storage costs.

Data should not be a setback

When moving data to a new CRM system both quality and security are essential, but they shouldn’t slow down the migration process.
Some companies may be required to store customer data over time for regulatory compliance purposes. But for most, storing and accessing customer information accumulated in time underpins future sales and marketing strategies. Like an insurance policy, archiving provides insight into past customer actions – available through stored data – and allows companies to anticipate customer expectations and deliver more personalized experiences.

Clean up data before moving to OSC?

Concerns over data quality are inherent when deciding to move data to a new CRM, but data cleansing can be a tedious undertaking delaying your OSC transition.
Data archiving enables companies to archive all of their data and decide to clean it up at any later time, in their preferred timeline. With everything archived, there is no worry about lost or damaged data during the clean up or after the migration.

Decide which data to move

A data archiving solution ensures a streamlined migration to Sales Cloud. With no pressure to select which data will make it to the new CRM, all data is stored and remains accessible to your users, ensuring the migration to Sales Cloud is not delayed.

Secure data during and after the move

Using an archiving tool guarantees all business data is securely stored before and after the migration, and protects against a potential data loss. It also helps retain and protect data needed for regulatory compliance such as HIPAA or PCI.
Most importantly, if your data lives in the cloud, archiving is an effective way to protect it against a cloud outage or shutdown.

Save on storage

Reducing storage expenses is another essential benefit of an archiving solution. Archiving reduces the volume of data you need to store in your CRM, decreasing related costs. You can import to Sales Cloud only the data you require, and keep everything else available and easily accessible in your archive.

Choosing to archive during a migration to Oracle Sales Cloud is a great way for organizations to ensure data integrity and quality and make sure they leverage the value of their business data over time.