5 Simple Ways to Consistently Drive More Revenue


The concept is relatively straightforward – grow revenue without adding huge costs for your business. Sales effectiveness and sales productivity are the cornerstones for growing sales. Most companies invest in prospect and customer information regularly to provide necessary opportunities to their Sales teams. Recent investments in automated marketing programs and CRMs are a direct indicator of this trend. Here are 5 ways you can drive revenue when investing in your CRM:

Data Accuracy

One of the biggest obstacles companies face is providing prospect information that is recent to its Sales teams. With today‘s technology it seems like a simple matter. However, basic information has to be accurate to provide value to your team. Duplicate information often finds its way into the CRM. The key is to remove duplicates and prevent new duplicates from being entered into your CRM system. There are many tools available to aid in this process that the most successful companies use to make sure they provide quality data to their sales teams. In turn, these tools help increase sales productivity and drive results.

Data Enrichment

Verification of prospect information needs to be automated for your company’s CRM system for accurate real-time data. External sources can be a good addition to provide complete and accurate information to your CRM. Companies such as Dun and Bradstreet provide information that enriches your customer and prospect data. Third party data supplements and verifies the data your sales team accesses. This approach provides more precise information that will help your Sales team drive more revenue.

Historical Data

All relevant information of past customer activities needs to be made readily available for the Sales team to understand the entire picture: past and present relationship with a specific prospect or customer. This information might include prior contact and possible opportunities with the customer. This type of information helps increase sales productivity, so that new offers and proposals are in alignment with historical data and background, customer expectations and any known objections.

Access to all Open Customer Data

All customer information should be made easily accessible to your Sales team. This information goes beyond data traditionally found in the CRM. Access to multiple CRM systems, home grown systems, ERP, and Help Desk data should also be made available for customer intelligence and sales effectiveness. An informed and knowledgeable Sales team will be more effective in the sales process.

User Friendly

Your customer data information needs to be easy-to-use and easy-to-learn in order to consistently maximize your sales process. It also needs to be highly automated and support fast response times to have your Sales team benefit from customer intelligence and increase sales productivity. When a system provides this value, the Sales team will be more capable of effectively using and managing all customer data.