The Road to Cloud Success: The ActivePrime-Salesforce Partnership

Customer data intelligence provider ActivePrime is proud to be a Salesforce partner and address the needs of a wider spectrum of organizations through collaborative efforts. As Salesforce pioneered cloud computing over 15 years ago, it brought about an ecosystem that changed the way business value is created and driven across industries worldwide. Cloud computing is reshaping technology and business alike, eliminating much of the complexity of legacy infrastructure, and redefining supplier chains and roles.

An Ecosystem of Partners

A recent report by IDC shows that while public cloud computing today accounts for less than 5% of IT expenditure, it is expected to grow more than 6 times the rate of IT spending from 2015 through 2020.

Cloud adoption rates continued to grow in 2015 and will accelerate through 2020, reaching a spend of $162B worldwide (up from $67B in 2015), as it spawns significant savings on operations, IT maintenance, supplier chains, and workforce.

This yields growth across the industry - IDC forecasts that over the next 5 years ‘each dollar earned by Salesforce will generate $4.14 in the company’s ecosystem’ - and speeds up time to market for partners providing complementary products and services.

Working with Salesforce, ActivePrime remains committed to continuously innovate and leverage new technologies to maximize the value of customer data and successfully align it to business goals.

ActivePrime and UnitedHealthcare - case study

ActivePrime solutions integrate seamlessly with the Salesforce CRM system to drive business-wide efficiencies and optimize clients’ return from their technology investment. ActivePrime delivers enhanced features - such as advanced search, secure data migration, cloud and on-premise data management - to help clients extend the capabilities of Salesforce and maximize the value of their customer data.

With over 7 million members and a 350% growth in 5 years, UnitedHealthcare Dental needed to handle an increasing flow of records, contracts, customer and staff data.

ActivePrime provided integral features to complement Salesforce. These features, including automatic record cleaning and deduplication, mass merge, smart rules, or scheduling,reduced the workload from months to weeks. According to Jeremy Brady, Salesforce Architect at United Healthcare:

"ActivePrime allows us to stay on top of compliance and data quality. And, it’s 100% cloud-based, operated within Salesforce. It’s not something you have to install or setup on a separate server, it operates inside the Salesforce interface which makes it even easier to use."

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The Impact of these New Technologies

The flexibility, scalability, and reduced TCO of cloud computing will continue to lead its adoption among small and large organizations in the coming years.

Organizations continue to turn to the cloud for storage and processing, but the real opportunities beyond such data have yet to be explored.

The Internet, cloud computing and IoT will quite simply accelerate the need for automation. When the number of digital devices vastly outnumbers humans, automation is the only solution. A key ingredient in the future of automation is machine learning (AI). Salesforce is uniquely positioned to continue impacting the global economy with innovations in cloud computing, IoT enablement, and artificial intelligence.

- Clint Bidlack, President and CTO ActivePrime


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