Integrate Oracle CRM On Demand with Dun & Bradstreet: Part 1

So you have Oracle COD (CRM On Demand) and you’d like to create an integration to allow your end users to import D&B data into your CRM system. How can you do this?

There are many variables to be considered with this integration. How do we get data out of D&B? How do we get data into COD? What transformation is needed between the D&B data and how it gets into COD? How do we enable the end user to start and finish the process? What technologies should we use?


The Three Articles

In this series of three articles we’ll answer the above questions and more. You’ll have a good understanding of what’s involved in building such an integration and, with some development effort, it could get built.

This article, part 1, presents the overall problems involved in building this integration and describes what the finished solution will look like. Technologies to be used are introduced.

Part 2 of the series presents the Oracle and D&B REST APIs needed, as well as an overview of transforming the JSON data from D&B to COD. Issues around Country and State (Province) data is discussed to ensure that data can be inserted into COD without generating errors.

The final article, Part 3, presents the UI. This includes an introduction to the COD Javascript API, how to launch the integration process, how to view potential D&B records before being entered into COD, and then writing the results into COD.



Four main technologies will be used for this project.

1. Javascript, HTML and CSS are the core building blocks of the modern web. Javascript is the programming language used in all browsers. HTML is the page layout language that describes where to place text, images, and other objects in the browser window. CSS specifies things like size, font, color, etc for all the objects in the browser window. For an overview of these three technologies, see this article.

2. JQuery is an amazing Javascript library that is used by an immense number of websites. See this article for an introduction to JQuery as well as detailed articles on many aspects of JQuery.


3. REST is a way of providing interoperability (APIs) on the internet. It was first coined back in 2000 and since then has drastically simplified how to connect to a remote internet based system via an API. Before REST the most common framework in use was called SOAP. SOAP is still used today, and COD has a SOAP API. However, REST is much easier to comprehend and is arguably just as powerful as SOAP. In these blog articles we will only work with REST APIs.


4. JSON is a syntax for storing and exchanging data and will be the sole syntax for transferring data between D&B and COD. The results from a D&B API call is JSON and the data to be pushed to the COD API is JSON. Hence, JSON is an important technology, not only for this project, but for many modern web services available today. An introduction to JSON is available here.

Now that we’ve introduced the technologies to be used in integrating D&B and COD, in our next blog article the back-end work will be discussed including accessing D&B and COD via their APIs.

Integrate Oracle CRM On Demand with D&B: Part 2



Transforming the JSON structure

Ensure country and states are standardized


Integrate Oracle CRM On Demand with D&B: Part 3

COD Javascript APIs

Starting the process

Viewing results

Writing the results to COD