ActivePrime is Pleased to Announce the Newest Release of CleanCRM


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - May 29, 2014 -- We are excited to announce two new features in CleanCRM that are designed to ease administrative tasks:

1. The ability to use an external CSV list of record IDs to dedupe your CRM. 2. The ability to concatenate the data in specific fields for duplicate sets.

External Record IDs The ability to use an external list of record IDs as the list to dedupe is our first new feature. You can create lists or reports based on sophisticated filters and export them as a CSV. Then, simply point CleanCRM to the file. The benefits to this approach include the flexibility to work outside of your CRM for list modification, improved list access, and the circumvention of public list creation to keep your lists private.

Concatenate Field Data You can now indicate the fields on the merge grid in which you want to concatenate the data across records in a duplicate set. The benefit of this feature is that you can automatically retain data from all duplicates without having to cut and paste into the final row. Your CRM field restrictions still apply when merging records.


This upgrade will not impact your other ActivePrime solutions. You will not see any changes to your CRM User Interface. Best of all, there are no steps you need to perform in order to have this upgrade enabled in your CleanCRM.

If you have any questions, please contact the support team.

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