ActivePrime Ranks High in Customer Satisfaction According to the Data Quality Landscape Report


In a study by The Information Difference, an independent analyst firm specializing in data management, ActivePrime has the second highest rating for customer satisfaction and happiness among top data quality vendors.

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The report presents the results of comprehensive surveys, questionnaires, and interviews with top data quality vendors and their customers. Through their research, The Information Difference discovered that data quality companies are progressing into more and more sophisticated areas. Data is being not just validated, but augmented. Some companies are packaging their products to take advantage of vertical markets. The report also mentions the vital role that data quality is playing in larger projects, such as Big Data and master data management. Cloud-based solutions are on the rise, and companies are finding new ways to present data in a more user-friendly manner.

In the course of the interviews with the customers of all the vendors, The Information Difference found that ActivePrime's customers were extremely happy with the software that they purchased. As experts in data quality, we take pride in making products that fill the needs of users seeking squeaky clean CRM systems. We work hard to support and improve those products for our customers. Our support staff is always available for consultations, training sessions, and questions. Our development team is actively listening to the feedback we get from you, our users, and incorporating your suggestions into upgrades and new products. Our sales group makes sure that you have all the solutions you need as your company grows and changes with time. Moreover, our leaders are constantly coming up with new product improvements to stay on the cutting edge of data quality management.

We thank you for being our customers and for supporting us with such glowing reviews.

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