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Tips for working with the CRM On Demand JavaScript API

Tips for working with the CRM On Demand JavaScript API

Are you ready to add some slick functionality to your Oracle CRM on Demand with JavaScript API’s? You’ve already mastered CRUD; creating, reading, updating and deleting records in your CRM and making changes to the CRM UI, like adding buttons and getting field values.

But you’re just getting started and there’s so much more you can do. How about bringing up a dialog box in JavaScript that has fields your users can input? Or what about building in an iframe with your own custom content? You can show product videos, demos, user interviews, images or come up some nifty functionality that will satisfy a specialized need.  These are great ways to take CRM on Demand and truly make it your own.

If you’ve never done this before (and even if you have) your first thought might be what technologies should you consider to make the job - and your life - easier? It’s a great question!