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Four Ways Dirty Data Is Hurting Your Marketing Results

Four Ways Dirty Data Is Hurting Your Marketing Results

Like it or not, you’re spending marketing budget on programs that bring poor or no results.

Research shows that on average, 12% of an organization’s annual income is misspent due to bad contact data.

And it’s not just the money. Dirty data, such as duplicates, results in inaccurate lead scores. Score sharing between duplicate leads means neither record gets a high enough score to move further down the sales pipeline.

Unlocking the Mystery - The Data Quality Report

Unlocking the Mystery - The Data Quality Report

It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma: but perhaps there is a key.

No matter how many thousands of leads you have added to your CRM, no matter how many opportunities you’ve nurtured into massive account wins, you feel like you can never truly understand the quality of the CRM data that fuels your pipeline.

Oh, but there is a key.

Take two minutes and run a Data Quality Report for your CRM.  One brief look at the report and you will know exactly what your duplicate data situation is.  It is the naked truth of your data, revealed in the graphical honesty of pie charts and bar graphs with nowhere for duplicates to hide.